HER BERGEN is a collaboration between Ilse van Roy and Lore Stessel.

It carries the promise of an event
where we wish to share things with each other”

In this collaboration Ilse van Roy and I brought together our practices to create a series of images. Ilse’s glass objects asked to be touched, hugged and carried with the loving embrace of the talented dancers Eva Honings and Marika Meoli. My images make the magical moment visible long after it’s gone.



VETA is a collaboration project between the percussionist Rubén Orio and photographer/painter Lore Stessel that investigates their common fascination for wood.

As a material, wood is omnipresent in our daily life. In addition, it has the extraordinary capacity to grow in every direction; it can contract and expand – it is alive. In their practice, Orio and Stessel examine the apparent likings between man and wood; the veins, color, capabilities to grow and transport fluids. In their thought experiment, they consider wood to be much like the human body.

The core of their work is the materiality of wood as an instrument and the choreographies of the musician. Wood is no longer considered merely the material of which an instrument is built, it is the instrument in and of itself: the sound generated by touch- ing the wood, walking across it, playing it, are what is at stake. The movements of the musician are exaggerated. The body of the musician and the ‘wooden body’ interact in the creation of a new sound choreography.